I am a freelance copy editor who specializes in small-press publications and art-related grant proposals, theses, and scripts. I can assist you at any step--from the first, rough draft to the final proofread.


What does copy editing entail?

Copy editing is about checking grammar, spelling, punctuation, and fluidity to make sure that what you're writing is as clear as possible. Writers--even other copy editors--often need the extra pair of eyes. As most artists know, when a person is working on a piece of art, it's very easy to overlook the problems with it; our brains just get so into it, that we sometimes rely on feedback from other artists.

The same principle applies to writing. It's very easy to get wrapped up in one's work, and having an objective person, who doesn't know the ins and outs of the subject like you do, can be extremely valuable.

Also, writing might not be a strong suit for some people. I can help you with that!


Why do I need a copy editor?

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What else have you worked on?

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So, what are your rates? Also I have a question.

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